CT Scan Dog Head Oral Tumour
CT Scan Heart Lungs Mobile Vet
CT Scan Fragmented Medial Coronoid


Advanced Veterinary Surgery has access to a local, human-based, 128-slice CT Scan for the investigation of complicated cases for clients based on the Sunshine Coast.

CT uses similar technology as xrays to produce images which allow 3-dimensional imaging of the area of interest.

CT scan is predominately used for the investigation of boney injury, complicated joint injuries, the nose, lungs, chest, some abdominal organs, and some cancers.

CT Scans require a short general anaesthesia to ensure the patient does not move during the image aquisition.

MRI uses sound waves and magnets to generate the images and is most useful for the brain, spinal cord, intervertebral discs and some soft tissues.

The decision as to which scan is most appropriate will be made in conjunction with the referring veterinarian.