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Advanced Veterinary Surgery was created to provide access to high quality, affordable, advanced surgical care for your families best friend at your own veterinary practice.  This minimises the stress on you and your beloved companions at an often difficult time.  Investigation, treatment, surgery and after-care may be performed by a friendly familiar face, in familiar surroundings without excessive travel.

The highest level of care and close communication with your local veterinarian at all stages of your pets treatment are essential for excellent surgical outcomes.  Communication is a major focus of the service provided by Advanced Veterinary Surgery.

In conjunction with your local vet, we will provide you and your pets with the same level of care, experience and attention that we would expect for our own furry members of the family.


Advanced Veterinary Surgery provides a mobile surgery referral service to Veterinary Clinics on the Sunshine Coast and selected clinics to enhance the surgical services of a clinic by providing the experience and equipment required.

As a referral-only service we are unable to provide advice or accept referrals directly from members of the public, but any queries may be discussed with your regular veterinarian to determine if referral is appropriate.

Following the initial diagnosis performed by your vet, they are able to contact Advanced Veterinary Surgery and arrange a time for either repeat examination or surgery at your clinic.  Follow-up examinations and care will be provided by your regular vet with the close support of AVS surgeons.



  • Fractures

  • Joint Dislocations

  • Cruciate Ligament

  • Limb Deformity

  • Dysplasia


  • Minimally invasive joint arthroscopy

  • Elbow Dysplasia

  • Shoulder Ligaments


  • Slipped discs

  • Spinal instability

  • Wobblers


  • Access 128-slice CT Scan

  • Interpretation


  • Airway & Breathing

  • Thoracic & Lung

  • Abdominal

  • Intestinal

  • Urogenital

  • Cancer

  • Skin Reconstruction


  • Tracheal collapse

  • Intraluminal Tracheal Stenting



  • Free interpretation of radiographs for referring veterinarians


  • Free CPD in-house for referring veterinary clinics






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Referral Surgery


Advanced Vet Surgery Mobile Vet Surgery Sunshine Coast
BSc Hons BVSc MANZCVS (Small Animal Surgery)
Registrar Small Animal Surgery

Ben is a Registrar in Small Animal Surgery, meaning he has completed a European College of Veterinary Surgeons residency, including the practical, clinical, research and publication requirements, but has not sat the final examinations to be eligible to be certified as a specialist.

Ben has worked in referral-only specialist practice for over 10 years, and gained experience in a wide range of orthopaedic, neurosurgical and soft tissue procedures, being trained by some of the UKs leading specialists in oncologic and soft tissue surgery, as well as orthopaedics and neurosurgery.  He enjoys the challenge of improving the welfare and quality of life of our animal companions.

Ben has published in the veterinary scientific literature and presented on topics of veterinary surgery at national and international forums.

Ben grew up in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, prior to pursuing his goal of becoming a veterinarian.  


He graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Science in 1996, an Honours degree in Parasitology in 1997, and a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2001.  Ben started his career working in dairy practice in Methven, New Zealand for 2 years before moving to the United Kingdom to work in small animal clinics, gaining a good grounding in general practice.  


Ben has always had a special interest in surgery and in 2005 began work as a surgical resident in soft tissue and oncologic surgery at Dick White Referrals in Newmarket for 2 years.  In 2007 a period of 2 months  was spent as a volunteer in the Cook Islands, prior to returning to the UK.  In 2008 he commenced a 3-year, European College of Veterinary Surgeons (ECVS) residency training program at VRCC Veterinary Referrals, which included additional training at Willows Referral Service and North Coast Veterinary Specialists.   


He became a Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (MANZCVS) in Small Animal Surgery by examination in 2011, demonstrating advanced knowledge in small animal surgery.  Ben returned to the Sunshine Coast in 2011 with his young daughter and English cat.


Ben worked at North Coast Veterinary Specialists for 5 years, accepting referrals in orthopaedic, soft tissue and spinal surgery, from vet practices of the Sunshine Coast and Northern Queensland upto Cairns.  He has experience in many aspects of fracture repair and joint surgery, minimally invasive joint arthroscopy, CT and MRI scan and surgery of the airways, chest, and abdomen.  He has now decided to offer an accessible, mobile, referral surgical service to the general practices and their clients of South East Queensland.

Outside work Ben enjoys spending time with his daughter, camping, surfing, sailing, diving, skiing, climbing and spending time outdoors.




Ben Clarke


Moffat Beach, Queensland 4551, AUSTRALIA


T:  0431 012 055

Advanced Veterinary Surgery Pty Ltd

ABN 39780195127

For enquiries, please feel free to email me.


** In order for your Pet to be treated by Advanced Veterinary Surgery, they must first be referred by Your Regular Veterinarian.