Depending on the service required by the referring clinic this will vary, but will generally follow as below.

  • All communications with the clients should be via the referring veterinarian to avoid conflicts of interest.  

  • Initial consultation, diagnosis and investigations are to be performed by the referring veterinarian and clinic.

  • Following an agreement with the client for referral surgery or consultation to be performed, contact Advanced Veterinary Surgery to receive a quotation and schedule a time for procedures to be performed.

  • Pre-operative blood biochemistry and haematology or PCV/TP and radiographs may be performed either prior to the day, or on the day of surgery with the assistance of the AVS surgeon.

(Accurate radiographs will be required for surgical planning, advice may be provided on this prior to surgery)

  • Admit and signing of informed consent as per the standard clinic protocol.

  • Final examination of the patient and confirmation of the diagnosis may be performed by the AVS surgeon if deemed appropriate by the referring veterinarian, and in consultation with the AVS surgeon, prior to sedation and general anaesthesia or whilst under anaesthesia.  

  • Should there be any changes to the surgical plan either the AVS surgeon or referring veterinarian will contact the client and discuss the options further.

  • AVS will provide disposable drapes, adhesive ioban drapes, all surgical equipment and implants.  

  • We may additionally provide medications at the request of the clinic, predominately transdermal fentanyl patches and intravenous antibiotics.  All income derived from anaesthesia, laboratory fees, radiography, hospitalisation, medication remain with the referring clinic.

  • The referring veterinary clinic will provide a dedicated theatre and nurse, and be responsible for the anaesthesia under the supervision of the AVS surgeon.  


  • Access to radiography will likely be required at the completion of any orthopaedic surgery.  The patient will remain under the supervision of the AVS surgeon and nurse until extubation and recovery.

  • AVS will provide detailed surgical notes and discharge instructions for the referring veterinarian.

  • Post-surgical examinations, usually 5-7 days, 10-14 days, and 6 weeks, will be performed by the referring veterinarian.  Should there be any concerns with the patient's progress please contact the AVS surgeon for advice or further consultation and re-examination.

  • Unfortunately complications do occur, and AVS will endevour to assist in every way possible to ensure a good patient outcome, and maintain good client relations and excellent client satisfaction.

  • Details of the injury, treatment, diagnosis, procedure, complications and recovery will be available for the client on the client information sheets on the Advanced Veterinary Surgery website.

  • AVS will invoice the referring veterinary clinic directly on the day of surgery, and the veterinary clinic will be directly responsible for payment of AVS services by direct bank transfer with a 7 day account.

  • AVS surgeons hold appropriate individual Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance